Extracurricular Activities

Physical Education

 P.E. students must be in the Kindergarten class.  Students must wear comfortable clothes, socks and sneakers. Mrs. Doreather will teach the students the proper way to warm-up and stretch followed by various fun forms of exercising, focusing on different parts of the body each week! Students will also learn about good nutrition as well as good hygiene.    

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is program designed to introduce your child to soccer in a fun, safe, and controlled environment. We offer 30 to 40 minute weekly soccer sessions where we teach basic soccer skills, fun games and healthy competition to your child. Emphasizing on fair play, concentration, cooperation and encouragement.

Fun Bus

On the Fun Bus, children will, jump on a trampoline, karate chop a punching bag, flip on a parallel bar, swing, and climb. Children think they are playing on the bus when they are actually learning valuable life skills! Positive reinforcement, gross motor skills, physical fitness, coordination, self-esteem, social skill & interaction.